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A HVAC maintenance plan is designed to extend the life cycle, quality and energy efficiency of your building’s HVAC system. As a commercial building’s facility manager, you have legal obligations that you need to fulfil in order to maintain healthy air quality for all the building’s occupants. However, beyond those obligations is the financial benefit of keeping your HVAC well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency to save you money in both the repairs cost and power bills. A thorough HVAC maintenance plan will help you avoid these pitfalls, and the experienced team at Air-rite Solutions are here to take you through exactly why every commercial or industrial building should have one.

Why is Having a HVAC Maintenance Plan Important

As a facility manager for a building, you have certain legal obligations you need to meet in order for your workspace to be considered safe and up to standard. The standard AS/NZ 3666.2:2011 “Air Handling and Water Systems – Microbial Control” outlines precisely what HVAC maintenance tasks need to be fulfilled, and how often they should be undertaken. It’s a useful document to base the timeline of your HVAC maintenance plan on, and for more information, read our article on Commercial Air Conditioning Service: Your Obligations.

Benefits of Having a HVAC Maintenance Plan

A HVAC maintenance plan will increase the life cycle of your commercial air conditioning system while decreasing the risk of breakdowns, fires, or brown-outs occurring. There are so many asset defects within HVAC systems that can be easily avoided if they are regularly inspected as part of your maintenance plan. From small tasks such as cleaning the filters, to potentially having to replace entire sections of the HVAC system, incremental inspections will save you in the long-term from having to pay for significant repairs – not to mention the operational costs of having a facility that is not properly ventilated.

Additionally, a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan will allow for your building’s HVAC system to be more energy efficient overall. This is because an unmaintained system will gradually start to function further and further below peak efficiency. Having a HVAC maintenance plan that includes actions such as cleaning the water cooler condensers and tightening the belts and pulleys will go a long way towards maximising the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. This will not only lower the cost of your power bills, but create a healthier workspace and is overall better for the environment. For more information on how a HVAC maintenance plan can improve the energy efficiency of your system, be sure to read our article on 10 Ways HVAC Maintenance Can Improve Energy Efficiency.

Benefits of Partnering with Air-rite Solutions for Your HVAC Maintenance

Air-rite Solutions provides high quality HVAC maintenance services that will ensure the longevity of your system well into the future. Our team is composed of HVAC experts who can help to design, supply, install, and maintain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

We are equipped with the skills and knowledge of how to take care of HVAC system so that you are fulfilling your maintenance plan and keeping the air quality of your building healthy for all to breathe. Not only will we send out HVAC technicians to undertake maintenance works to comply with your maintenance plan, but we will quickly respond to any emergency repair works that need to be urgently undertaken. Such is our commitment to looking after the wellbeing of your commercial HVAC system, that you can expect nothing less than reliable and highly efficient services from the team at Air-rite Solutions.

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