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Learn how regular HVAC maintenance can reduce your costs, increase productivity and ensure you maintain ideal air quality for your staff and customers.

HVAC systems are important for regulating the indoor air quality of your office, commercial or industrial space. A healthy and well-operating HVAC system won’t only keep the inside of your building at a comfortable temperature, but will consistently circulate the air to keep it clean and absent of harmful pollutants and microorganisms. This is why you’ll want the HVAC experts at Air-rite to undertake regular maintenance works on your workplace’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Air-rite’s commercial air conditioning maintenance will not only ensure that you are complying with all the relevant workplace health and safety standards, but will increase productivity amongst your workers, lower energy and repairs costs, improve the system’s energy efficiency, and keep everyone safe from the effects of dangerous airborne diseases.

HVAC Servicing

Why You Need to Maintain Your HVAC System

There is a big difference between a commercial HVAC system that is well maintained, and one that isn’t. Both the financial and time cost factor of a poorly-operating or damaged HVAC system can be enormous. For one, a HVAC that has dirty filters or damaged coils will be less energy efficient, resulting in a higher energy bill. And the price of having to completely repair or replace a HVAC system that hasn’t been well maintained is always going to exceed that of having professional technicians conduct regular inspections.

Illnesses and Disease

The human cost of not maintaining your HVAC system is even greater. People are susceptible to developing symptoms such as dizziness and respiratory difficulty when the indoor air is of a poor quality. This will result in less foot traffic from visitors and less productivity for workers. These negative health effects are heightened if a person has an underlying chronic condition such as asthma, or if workers have long-term exposure to the pollutants and microbial hazards that occur in under-maintained HVAC systems.

Additionally, bacteria such as legionella can form in HVAC systems connected to water cooling towers. If a person is exposed to this bacterium, they can develop a severe form of pneumonia known as legionnaires’ disease. Other contaminants can include mould, mildew, and other bacteria, which may be the cause of long-term health conditions such as respiratory diseases and cancer. Look after yourself and your workers by having a HVAC expert regularly maintain your commercial air conditioning system.

Energy Efficiency

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system is crucial for reducing your business’ energy bill. Regular maintenance ensures the system operates at peak efficiency. When HVAC components like filters and coils are clean, air flows more smoothly, requiring less energy. Additionally, well-maintained systems don’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature, conserving even more energy.

Additionally, routine checks can identify and rectify minor issues before they escalate into major problems. These problems, if unchecked, can lead to increased energy consumption as the system struggles to function properly. For example, a faulty thermostat could cause the system to run longer than necessary, increasing energy usage.

Modern HVAC systems are more energy-efficient. Regular maintenance can keep these systems running optimally, taking full advantage of their energy-saving features. In essence, investing in maintenance can lead to significant long-term savings on energy bills, contributing to both financial savings and environmental sustainability for your business.

Avoiding Costly Breakdowns

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system is a critical measure to avoid costly breakdowns. Regular maintenance keeps the system in optimal condition, ensuring all components function efficiently. This preventive approach helps in identifying and addressing small issues before they escalate into major, expensive repairs. For instance, replacing a worn belt or cleaning coils is far more affordable and less disruptive than repairing a failed compressor.

Neglecting maintenance can lead to unexpected system failures, which not only incur high repair costs but also disrupt business operations. A malfunctioning HVAC system can result in uncomfortable working conditions, potentially affecting employee productivity and customer experience. In severe cases, it might even necessitate temporary business closure.

Furthermore, well-maintained HVAC systems tend to have a longer lifespan, delaying the need for costly replacements. Investing in routine checks and maintenance is a proactive strategy that can save your business from sudden, significant expenses and prolong the system’s operational life.

The Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system should take place on a monthly basis for large commercial systems. This is in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZ 3666.2:2011 – “Air-handling and water systems of buildings – Microbial control”. Furthermore, in Queensland, employers, managers and officers have responsibilities under the “Managing the work environment and facilities Code of Practise” to provide comfortable and safe air ventilation through regularly servicing their workplace’s air-conditioning and HVAC systems. Failure to comply can result in fines, lawsuits from affected employees, and closure of business.

Likewise, organising monthly maintenance appointments lets you organise the work to fit within your schedule. By contrast, if your HVAC system breaks unexpectedly, you may lose that flexibility. Save yourself the risk of facing major disruptions to your workplace by having your HVAC system consistently serviced by trained and qualified experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air-rite Mechanical are your commercial air conditioning maintenance experts. We are here to answer any of your questions regarding the maintenance process to help you understand the importance of regularly scheduled HVAC servicing.

What happens during HVAC Maintenance?

Our HVAC technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your system, checking a variety of components to ensure they are clean and operational. These include:

  • Outdoor air intake and exhaust
  • Air filters
  • Humidifiers
  • Evaporative air-cooling equipment
  • Ducts & ductwork
  • Coils
  • Drainage system
  • And more
HVAC Maintentance Service

What maintenance does HVAC need?

Looking after your HVAC system will ensure it stays operational. In order to achieve this, maintenance crews need to perform a series of tasks. These include:

  • cleaning or replacing the air filters to increase air flow
  • cleaning the coils so that the temperature regulation can remain consistent
  • lubricating any gears and belts that are experiencing friction

How often should HVAC be serviced?

Commercial HVAC systems should receive monthly maintenance inspections. Evaporative air-cooling equipment should be inspected quarterly. Meanwhile, ductwork should be cleaned annually.

Air-rite are South East Queensland’s HVAC Maintenance Experts

Air-rite Mechanical offers quality maintenance services for commercial and industrial businesses throughout South East Queensland. Air-rite Solutions not only maintains commercial HVAC systems in Brisbane and South East Queensland. We also design, supply, and install commercial air conditioning for businesses of all sizes.

Looking for an experienced HVAC contractor? Look no further than the experts at Air-rite Solution.

If you need your HVAC system serviced, then reach out to us today on 07 3274 2199.