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There are multiple reasons why your business should invest in commercial air conditioning in Brisbane. While Brisbane is a great city to work in, its subtropical climate can become incredibly uncomfortable for commercial spaces that have no HVAC systems installed. An air-conditioned work environment improves the overall spirit of the workers, clients, and customers who inhabit that space.  

Here are 4 reasons why you should install commercial air conditioning for your Brisbane work space! 

More Comfortable for Customers  

On a hot summer’s day in Brisbane, there is no better feeling for clients or customers than to walk into an air-conditioned store, restaurant, or office space. Businesses will benefit greatly by installing a HVAC system that maintains complete thermal comfort in their building, as it will encourage more and more people to walk through the front door, and to keep coming back again and again.  

Customers will also want to spend more time in an air-conditioned store or a venue on a sweltering hot day. And the more time they spend there, the more likely they are to buy what you’re selling. Increase your Brisbane business’ revenue by installing commercial air conditioning and making it a comfortable environment for all your customers and clients.  

Commercial Air Conditioning

More Comfortable for Workers  

So much of a business’ success is determined by how productive its workers are being. In Brisbane, this productivity can plummet if your staff are having to work in a hot, humid, and under-ventilated environment. A commercial HVAC system will go a long way towards making your work space comfortable and pleasant for workers so they can maximise their productivity.  

Research from a study conducted by the King Mongkut’s University of Technology in Thailand discovered that the ideal temperature for workers is between 24 and 26 °C. During a hot Brisbane summer, this temperature can only be achieved by using a HVAC system. No one should be made to feel like they’re going to melt while on the job. Install commercial air conditioning for your work space, so your team won’t ever have to worry about working in thermal discomfort.  

Manages Brisbane’s Weather  

It’s no secret that Brisbane’s climate can be unpredictable. The weather can veer from being unbearably hot to incredibly humid to volatile and wet – sometimes all in the same day! You never quite know what Brisbane’s weather is going to dish up, which is why you need a commercial air conditioning system to quickly moderate the air temperature within your building.  

On a cold Brisbane morning in winter, you’ll probably want to turn up the heating. On a muggy summer’s day, the air conditioner will come in handy when the sun is out, but you can always turn it down if a storm comes through. A HVAC system will give you total control over the uncontrollable Brisbane climate. Even if the weather outside is misbehaving, your work space will always feel just right.  

Brisbane Air Conditioning

Brisbane places of work must adhere to the standard “AS/NZ 3666.2:2011 – Air-handling and Water Systems of Buildings – Microbial Control”. This standard makes it a legal requirement for building managers to not only install commercial HVAC systems into their buildings, but to regularly book in maintenance inspections to optimise the safety and efficiency of those systems. By following this standard, you will be ensuring that your Brisbane work space will continue to produce a consistent supply of clean, cool, and breathable air.  

Air-rite Provides Commercial Air Conditioning for Brisbane  

If you are a Brisbane business looking to install or upgrade your commercial air conditioning system for your workplace, then reach out to the experts at Air-rite Solutions. Contact us or give us a call on 07 3274 2199 today!