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HVAC systems are one of the key ways to channel clean outdoor air into the inside of a building in a process known as ventilation. Every building needs ventilation as it provides its residents and workers with a consistent supply of safe air to breath. Indoor air deteriorates in quality over a period of time, which can cause harmful contaminants to form. These contaminants may cause anyone who breathes them in to suffer from short and long-term health issues, so it’s essential that all buildings have some form of ventilation. 

Whether you work in an office, restaurant, retail store, factory, or workshop, HVAC systems are the most effective way to ventilate your building and protect those inside. And at Air-rite Solutions, we specialise in providing expert HVAC services to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout South East Queensland. 

Here’s why your building needs a HVAC system to provide the optimal level of ventilation. 

Industrial HVAC Systems

Provides Safe Air to Breathe

When humans breathe out, they emit carbon dioxide into the air around them. This carbon dioxide needs a way to escape the building’s wall and to be replaced with clean oxygen. If no ventilation takes place, then the building will become dangerous for any inhabitants who will have no safe air left to breathe. 

Additionally, rooms that don’t receive ventilation may build up other contaminants, including: 

  • Animal hairs
  • Pollen 
  • Harmful metals
  • Fine particles 
  • Gases 
  • Microorganisms such as mould, mildew, viruses, and bacteria 

Any one of these contaminants can have a potentially serious effect on the health of any person who is exposed to them. This is why you need a well-maintained and efficient HVAC system to mitigate these risks. 

According to the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3666.2:2011, building managers need to regularly book maintenance inspections for their commercial air conditioning systems to ensure that it’s providing a consistent stream of clean air. 

Provides Thermal Comfort 

Residents and workers don’t want to be inhabiting a building that is constantly too hot or too cold. That’s why you need ventilation provided by a HVAC system to reach a consistent level of thermal comfort. 

This is especially important in warmer climates where the summer months can become especially uncomfortable for inhabitants. Not all workplaces have windows that can be opened, and even if you can let some fresh air in, this doesn’t always improve matters. 

A HVAC system is the best way to provide cool ventilation to the inside of a building, so that workers can stay productive, clients and customers won’t feel uncomfortable, and residents can continue to live there in peace. 

Commercial HVAC Systems

Reduces Odour 

Nobody wants to work into a room that smells stale or sour. Ventilation from HVAC systems can fill rooms with fresh, clean air that replaces the older, less-pleasant air. This not only eradicates any unwanted scents that are lingering around inside, but actively makes it easier for the inhabitants to breathe as well. 

Ventilation can also help to clear out any smoke or aerosols. 

Ventilate Your Building with Air-rite Solutions 

If you are looking to ventilate your building with a high-quality HVAC system, then reach out to the leaders in air at Air-rite Solutions. Contact us or give us a call on 07 3274 2199 today!