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Air-rite Solutions is firmly established as the number one choice for Brisbane’s commercial air conditioning requirements. For years, our team of experienced HVAC technicians have been helping businesses in South East Queensland stay comfortable indoors thanks to our work across the full range of air conditioning services. From design to installation to maintenance, we have all of your HVAC needs covered.  

Commercial HVAC systems are a necessity for any Brisbane workplace, but knowing which equipment is best, how to properly optimise your system, and how often it should be inspected for repairs can be a lot to juggle. Thankfully, Air-rite Solutions is here to take care of all your commercial air conditioning requirements, giving you the peace of mind that everyone in your building will be working in comfortable, clean air at all times.  

Requirements for commercial air conditioning requirements

Keeping Brisbane Cool  

If you own a business or are a facility manager in Brisbane or the wider South East Queensland, then you know how important it is to have a functioning HVAC system. The benefits of commercial air conditioning in Brisbane are hard to ignore. Workers are more productive, customers and clients are more comfortable, and the risk of harmful contaminants spreading indoors is greatly reduced – just to name a few.  

But thanks to Brisbane’s often harsh sub-tropical climate, you need local HVAC experts who can keep up with the taxing demands placed on your system. Air-rite Solutions provides tailored HVAC services that ensure your business is staying at a comfortable temperature all year round.  

Providing the Full Range of HVAC Services  

Air-rite Solutions is qualified to provide high-quality services during every step of the commercial HVAC process. This means that you only need to choose one company for all your air conditioning needs, as we have the full range of HVAC capabilities covered.  

  • HVAC Design – we hold a QBCC Unlimited Design Licence (Air-conditioning and refrigeration), qualifying us to design new commercial HVAC systems from scratch or to review existing plans.  
  • HVAC Supply – we partner with leading brands – such Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and more – to supply our clients with the best HVAC parts and equipment in the industry.  
  • HVAC Installation – our team of expert HVAC technicians will carry out the installation of your commercial HVAC system in a professional, affordable and timely manner.  
  • HVAC Maintenance & Repairs – HVAC systems are like cars, the more you get them inspected for possible repairs, the longer they will operate and the better they will perform. We undertake regular maintenance checks on our clients’ HVAC systems, replacing or repairing parts as required.  

While other HVAC companies will cover some of these services, it’s rare to find one that ticks every box. For a company that will take care of all your HVAC requirements, Air-rite Solutions has your back.  

Standards That Can’t be Beaten  

In everything we do, Air-rite Solutions is committed to upholding the highest possible standards. We hold a number of qualifications and certificates to guarantee our work is carried out in a safe and professional manner. This dedication to safety is passed on to each and every team member who receives comprehensive training to maintain best OH&S practices.  

Quality is another area we don’t compromise in. Our team strictly adheres to our Quality Assurance Systems, in accordance with AS3666. All of this means that our services will exceed your expectations in team and consumer safety, environmental protection, and project timeframes.  

Meet Your Commercial Air Conditioning Requirements with Air-rite  

Air-rite Solutions is here to help all South East Queensland businesses with their commercial air conditioning requirements. To make use of any of our expert commercial HVAC services, contact our friendly team today on 07 3274 2199.  

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