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Purchasing an air conditioning system FAQ.

What sort of system should you purchase?

Obviously, the answer to this question will be dictated by your budget. There are basically three types of air conditioning systems applicable to the domestic environment. These Are…a) A ducted system where all the components are located in the ceiling space with the condenser (outdoor unit) located externally. This is the most efficient, most silent and aesthetically pleasing system available.

b) A wall or floor mounted split system. This system has the fan coil (indoor) unit mounted either on the floor or wall of the room being conditioned. The condenser is located externally. These systems are quiet and efficient however sufficient space is required to install the indoor unit on the wall or floor.

c) A room air conditioner. These units are installed in either a window or wall. As these are one piece units, no interconnecting refrigerant pipes or wires are required.

As with all items, the prices vary according to the degree of installation work required and the performance of the equipment. Hence, the ducted system is more expensive but also the best system with the wall or floor mounted splits less expensive and the room air conditioner the least expensive. The splits system and the room air conditioners are restricted in the capacities available on the market, therefore some larger rooms are unable to be conditioned by one unit.

Air-Rite Mechanical Services has installed many ducted systems, split systems and room air conditioners! Our installation staff are proficient in the installation of all types of systems and in all types of structures. Our sales personnel can advise which system will suit your residence, lifestyle and budget. Just ask our sales people if you have any questions regarding your air conditioning system.

What make of equipment should you purchase?

There are many manufacturers of air conditioning in the market today. The vast majority of the split systems and the room air conditioners are manufactured overseas. The quality of most of these units is very good but, at times, stock levels of certain sizes are very low and delays may be experienced for certain brands of equipment. In the case of ducted systems. The selection of the maker of the equipment you choose will probably depend on some or all of the following: availability; warranty; price and quality. The majority of sales personnel in the air conditioning industry will recommend quality units due to the fact that if they sell you an inferior product, their service staff will constantly be returning to fix any problems, hence any profit margin is soon gone. Not to mention the damage to the Company’s reputation.

Air-Rite Mechanical Services installs only equipment from reputable manufacturers that offer after sales backup in spare parts and technical advice when required. The units we offer and install for our clients are competitively priced and are sized to suit the application. Air-Rite Mechanical Services are the service agents for various manufacturers, and we have the trained personnel to repair all makes of equipment.

Which company should you deal with?

This question is often very difficult for the consumer. You may choose to deal with a sole trader or a larger company but, in all cases, the following should be kept in perspective. The sole trader can sometimes do the job a little cheaper as his overheads are not as high as a larger company but can the sole trader guarantee 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency call out in case of a machine failure? The majority of the larger companies offer these services. All companies quoting to install your new air conditioning system should have the following:

* Qualified Tradesmen * BSA License * Public Liability Insurance * Arc License

Air-Rite Mechanical Services only employs qualified trades-people who are experienced in the industry. We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service. We have all the necessary insurance covers and are also the holders of a Building Services Authority Gold Card.

Comparing quotes

Do not immediately accept the lowest price offered. Compare what is offered on the quote. All quotes should state the manufacturer or the equipment and the capacity of the equipment offered. Equipment capacity is stated as Kilowatts or refrigeration. This is the industry standard, not horsepower or BTU’s. Ensure that all quotes have equipment of comparable size. If one of the quotes you receive is considerably less than the rest, the unit may be smaller than that required, therefore your comfort conditions will not be satisfied when you really require this.

Air-Rite Mechanical Services list all the necessary information on the quotation. You will know what make and model and capacity of equipment is being supplied. We also list any items that are not included in our quotation so that both parties are fully conversant with all aspects of the quotation and what is being offered.

The installation

All of the work involved in installing your new air conditioning system in your home should in no way damage or make damage to floors, walls or furniture. The premises should be left in the condition they were when the installation commenced. All reputable tradesmen cover any items that may get dirt on them with the drop sheets to prevent this from happening. Upon completion of the installation, a representative of the installation company should give you instructions on the operation of your air conditioning system and the associated controls as well as advice on the necessary maintenance work.

Air-Rite Mechanical Services takes due care in ensuring that your home is looked after during the installation of your air conditioning system. Our installation personnel have a great many years’ experience in these projects and always protect your home and its contents against damage, dust, and dirt during the installation.


As with all items of machinery, your air conditioning system does require maintenance. Failure to have the unit checked periodically can result in system failures and expensive repairs. Have the installation company advise you on regularity of services required.

Following the installation of your air conditioning equipment we will advise you of the necessary maintenance requirements to ensure you get the maximum efficiency from your unit and also the maximum life from the same. Air-Rite Mechanical Services has specialists in all aspects of service and maintenance and we can offer regular maintenance agreements to maintain your equipment.

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