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Portable Air Conditioning

Rent a high-powered portable air-conditioner from Air-rite Solutions so your business or workplace won’t have to miss a beat. In the harsh climate of South East Queensland, you don’t want your commercial space to go without cool, clean air. So, if your regular HVAC system breaks down and you’re waiting on parts to arrive, you can trust us to provide your business with a portable air-conditioner so that complete thermal comfort can be maintained.

Portable Air Conditioning

Cool, Clean Air Wherever You Need It, Whenever You Need It

Whether you work in an office, restaurant, retail store, or factory, you are going to need cool, clean air in order to operate comfortably within that space. South East Queensland’s climate is subject to warm summer days, where the temperature and humidity can feel suffocating if exposed to it for too long. Likewise, winter days can cause a chill in the air that may result in occupants catching a cold if they don’t keep warm.

No matter what time of the year or where you work in SEQ, Air-rite Solutions are here to help. We rent out a CB4900R 4.9kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air-Conditioner to any business or commercial space that needs it. This state-of-the-art machine has the ability to keep your workplace’s temperature at a comfortable level, while also helping with air flow and ventilation.

Breakdowns happen, and if your HVAC system is in need of repairs, then our portable air-conditioner is here to help. This specific machine comes with several benefits, including:

  • Heating and cooling modes that range between 1° and 38°C to match whatever climate you need
  • Up to 50m2 of coverage – which is enough to cool most office spaces, restaurants, stores, and small to medium-sized factories
  • LED display for a simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Twist on arms to make venting out the excess air an absolute breeze

No matter where you are, or when you need it, Air-rite Solutions can provide you with a portable air-conditioner to save the day!

Portable Air Conditioning

Keep the Workplace Moving

Your business’ workflow shouldn’t be stopped just because the airflow isn’t working. So, if your commercial HVAC system breaks down, and you are waiting on parts to arrive, keep the work up with Air-rite Solution’s top-of-the-line portable air-conditioner.

This handy unit can continue to produce cool air for your business so that the work can continue. Whether you sit at a desk all day or are running around waiting tables, no employee, client, customer, or occupant should be made to operate in an uncomfortable thermal environment. Employers have a responsibility to take care of their staff, and building facilitators have a responsibility to ensure all occupants are breathing in clean, healthy air.

A work environment that isn’t being cooled down by an air-conditioner can create numerous distractions and disturbances for employees. Productivity will likely plummet from everyone feeling so uncomfortable. Bad odours will begin to spread from sweaty people and food going off in the heat. And headaches, nausea, and even fainting can be caused by operating in hot and humid environments for too long.


Do all portable air-conditioners have to be vented out of a window?

Portable air-conditioners like those you can hire from Air-rite Solutions need to vent out the excess hot air through a window. This is so that the inside of the building doesn’t fill up with the hot air which would negate the cooling effects of the unit.

Can I use a portable air-conditioner in a room without windows?

Yes, as long as the ventilation arms can reach a window in an adjacent room. We recommend you keep the portable air-conditioner as close to a window as possible, so that the ventilation arms don’t get stretched too far.

Do portable air-conditioners cost a lot to run?

The CB4900R 4.9kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air-Conditioner that Air-rite Solutions hires out runs at 4.9kW/hour. We recommend you speak with your energy provider to discuss how much this rate will cost you, as it can differ greatly depending on a number of variables.

Is a portable air-conditioner better than a window unit?

A portable air-conditioner is the best option for a quick-fix if you are in need of a replacement air-conditioning system. Window units may be a better long-term solution for houses and certain commercial spaces.

How loud is a portable air-conditioner?

The CB4900R 4.9kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air-Conditioner that Air-rite Solutions hires out has a noise level of 63dB(A). This means if you are standing close to the unit, it will be approximately as loud as a regular conversation between people.

Hire Portable Air-Conditioners from Air-rite Solutions

If your South East Queensland business is in need of a portable air-conditioner to help bridge the gap while you wait for your HVAC system to get repaired, then contact Air-rite Solutions today.