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System design is one of the most important aspects of commercial air conditioning installation. It’s the blueprint that the entire installation process is built upon and the difference between a commercial HVAC system that is effective, and one that doesn’t get the job done.

At Air-rite Solutions, we have a QBCC Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Unlimited Design license that allows our team to design and install new HVAC systems for our clients all throughout South East Queensland. As such, we have the in-house skills and expertise to design highly efficient systems for all types of commercial and industrial buildings.


Industrial Air Conditioning Installation


The Importance of Commercial HVAC System Design

A lot of considerations go into the design of an air conditioning system for a commercial space. The design of the system will be influenced by the functionality or purpose of the space, the type of rooms, and the type of building that it needs to service. Let’s take a closer look at how this impacts the design of a commercial HVAC system.


The Type of Work

The kind of workplace you operate will have a significant impact on the ventilation needs and the style of air conditioning your space requires. For example, if you operate a factory filled with heavy machinery emitting lots of heat, you’re going to have different cooling needs than a shopping centre.

Design needs to be considered within each workplace as well. A café will need a system that can individually cool down the dining area and the kitchen separately, so that neither space is too hot or too cold for comfort.

Depending on the type of work you conduct, you will need a HVAC system that meets your specific requirements. For this, you will need licensed professionals to design a system that always delivers the precise level of thermal comfort for your needs.


The Type of Room

Commercial HVAC designers will take into consideration the style of rooms that they need to service. This is so their designs can accurately reflect the individual needs of separate rooms.

A thorough commercial HVAC system design should consider:


  • Whether or not the rooms have any windows and how much/little sunlight they let in
  • How large the room is and how much air conditioning coverage is required
  • Where the air conditioning should be installed to maximise its effectiveness
  • Does the room have large machinery that will cause temperatures to rise
  • How far the room is above ground level to account for warm air rising

When all these factors have influenced the layout and design of your HVAC system, then you will know you are getting a system installed that will effectively service each and every one of your property’s rooms.


The Type of Building

Commercial and industrial buildings come in all shapes and sizes, meaning their HVAC systems have to be designed accordingly. While a smaller office or retail store may get by with a traditional split-system air conditioner, an office building or factory will need a large-scale commercial ducted system to spread the cool, clean air to every corner of the space.

Building’s each have their own architectural quirks that HVAC designs need to work around. Limited space in the ceiling and walls may result in some ducted systems having to be condensed in order to fit properly. Hotels and schools may use a mixture of systems if they need to service a variety of small to medium-sized buildings.

No matter the type of building your business operates out of, our trained HVAC designers will be able to design a system that delivers.


The Benefits of a HVAC Unlimited Design License

Air-rite Solutions holds a QBCC Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Unlimited Design license which grants us the ability to both design and install commercial air conditioning systems for our clients. This ability allows our team of HVAC experts to have complete control over every aspect of the design and installation process. As such, our clients receive HVAC services that are efficient, streamlined, and quality all the way from the blueprint.

In fact, Air-rite Solutions is licensed to provide commercial air conditioning design, supply, installation, and maintenance. This benefits our clients as it means every stage of HVAC servicing process is being handled by the same team of trained professionals. Once we have created a comprehensive and fool-proof system design, we can supply the parts, install the system, and return to conduct regular maintenance checks and repairs when necessary.


Commercial Air Conditioning Installation with Air-rite Solutions

Air-rite Solutions can provide your business or commercial space with licensed experts who can design and install an air conditioning system that will meet all your needs. Contact us today by giving us a call on 07 3274 2199.